Calculator Tools

Plan your system with Vicon's Design Tools:

Bandwidth Storage Calculator: Estimate bandwidth and storage needs for your next surveillance project with this interactive Excel-based tool. Our easy to use calculator helps you plan how to use our wide range of cameras.

HD Express Calculator: A handy table that will help you to estimate the amount of hard drive storage required to assist you in determining programming for our popular HD Express NVR.

Lens Calculator: This tool will help determine analog camera lens focal length and angle view within a virtual video image. Just specify its distance from the camera and the desired level of zoom.

Resolution and Frame Rate Sample Video Clips: These H.264 video clips demonstrate the quality of video recorded at varying resolutions and frame rate settings. Use them to help determine the most appropriate recording settings for your specific needs.


Plan your system with IQeye Design Tools:

Note: Some of these tools can also be used with select Vicon cameras.

IQeye Frames-per-Second Calculator: Determine what frame rate is really necessary for your system.

IQeye Green Calculator: Determine how using the Sentinel camera series can help save money.

IQeye Image Calculator: Determine what resolution and frames per second can produce the appropriate number of images for specific surveillance needs.

IQeye Pixels-per-Foot Calculator: Determine the necessary resolution based on pixels/foot to evaluate what type and how many HD megapixel cameras are needed for surveillance coverage.

IQeye Storage Calculator: Determine how different camera types, settings and recording options can affect the amount of storage needed.

IQeye Lens Selector: By selecting the desired image detail and the resolution of the camera, determine the maximum horizontal field-of-view that camera can cover.

IQeye Forensic Field-of-View Calculator: Determine the approximate field-of-view (degrees) needed to achieve desired detail, depending on where the camera is mounted.