Camera Accessories

Following is an overview of the camera accessories that we offer. For specific product information, use the left navigation menu.

Mounting Options

As a provider of complete surveillance solutions, Vicon offers a wide selection of mounting options to suit every application. SurveyorVFT series mounts can be used with almost any Vicon dome camera. Several ceiling and wall mounting options are available, as well as special application styles such as soffit, roof and parapet mounts.

Vicon also offers a complete line of mounts for box-style fixed cameras. Indoor ceiling and wall mounts can mount box cameras with or without housings, and all Vicon wall mounts maximize viewing angles with fully adjustable heads.

Corner mount brackets and pole mount adaptors are available for use with Vicon wall mounts for added versatility.


Varifocal lenses from Vicon offer adjustable focal lengths to obtain the desired field of view. From wide angle to telephoto, models are available to capture close and distant targets. IR lenses can be used with infrared illuminators and eliminate focus shift in day/night cameras. Megapixel lenses are also available.


Vicon camera housings protect fixed cameras and lenses in the harshest environments. Indoor, outdoor and explosionproof housing options are available.

Power Supplies

For maximum system design flexibility, Vicon offers an array of individual and multi-channel power supplies for fixed cameras and PTZ’s. 24 and 28-volt AC, as well as 12-volt DC models are available.

Surge Protection

For surge protection, both on-site and at the head end, Vicon is pleased to offer a comprehensive array of products from our partner, Ditek Corporation.